Get a viable solution for your AI and Automation challenge

Here’s how this works

Step 1. Book a 15-minute call

We’ll use this Zoom call to understand your problem and exactly what is your desired outcome.

Step 2. I get to work

I’ll start my research and document the process. I’ll dedicate at least 1 hour, 100% focused on your research and documentation.

I’ll use my first-hand experience with software tools, automation and business processes to find viable alternatives and solutions for your challenge.

I’ll pick my favorite options, and give you at least one viable path forward to ensure you can make progress and move closer to your desired outcome.

Step 3. You get your viable solution

I’ll send you my written report plus a Loom video with the alternatives considered, my evaluation of each alternative, and my recommendations for you.

I’ll include, at least, a viable path forward and how I’d tackle the next steps.

If I have already solved this problem and know the best solution, I’ll give you as much detail as possible on how to implement it.

Expect 100% Transparency

If your request is outside of my area of expertise and I’m unable to help you, I’ll give you a full refund.

If there are better, easier, cheaper or more efficient solutions, I’ll be transparent and let you know, along with my view on it.

I’ll never gatekeep or give you incomplete information on purpose.

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The head behind the job

Who is Gustavo Boregio?

Gustavo is an accomplished professional with a robust background in electronic engineering and business management. With an MBA and years of experience in corporate roles, Gustavo transitioned to entrepreneurship in 2017, leveraging his technical and strategic expertise to drive business success.

Carrer Highlights

Electronic Engineer with MBA: Gustavo’s strong foundation in engineering and business management enables him to seamlessly integrate technical solutions with strategic business goals.

Corporate Experience: With significant experience in corporate environments, Gustavo understands the complexities of large-scale operations and the importance of efficiency and innovation.

Entrepreneurial Journey: Since 2017, Gustavo has been actively involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on automation, AI, and process optimization to help businesses streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Automation and AI Specialist: Gustavo specializes in implementing cutting-edge automation and AI solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring sustainable growth and operational independence.

Gustavo’s blend of technical know-how, strategic insight, and hands-on experience makes him the perfect fit to help you solve your AI + Automation challenges. He is dedicated to transforming business operations through innovative automation strategies, helping companies achieve remarkable efficiency and growth.